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Jumpin' Juba - Slap Happy (2010):  a six-song EP, over 27 minutes of music, half the price of a full-length CD.  An eclectic mx of blues-based original tunes. Acoustic piano and vintage guitar sounds. Hear a couple of the tracks at:                                                      http://www.reverbnation.com/jumpinjuba

EP tracks:  Crack in the Ceiling; Jessie Mae; Black Bag; You're So Simple; Hawaiian War Chant; Rambling Burglar


Jumpin' Juba - Bumpity Bump (2004): New-Orleans-inspired swamp-rock, classic boogie-woogie, folk, Memphis rock & roll.  Acoustic piano thruout, and a few a of the tunes were recorded live-in-studio.

Album tracks: Funny Farm (.mp3), Back Street Studio, Bruce's Boogie (.mp3), Chase the Dream, Suffering' Blues, Explaining the Blues, Complications (.mp3), Best Buy in Town (.mp3), Four-Footed, Fixated Woman, Lost in Logic, Rear View Mirror, Back Door Blues (.mp3)


That Old Sound Still Ringing...!

Not a commercial release.  These are demos of songs we often program for senior audiences:

Alley Cat

The Sunny Side of the Street

Up a Lazy River



A Few Simple Words (1999): 13 songs. Mostly acoustic, featuring Steve's solo acoustic and electric slide guitar arrangements augmented by acoustic bass, percussion, and occasional guitar overdub. Some blues numbers, and some that mix blues or contemporary folk with African and Latin guitar influences. Steve sings expressively throughout.

Album tracks: Thank You For (.mp3), In Good with God (.mp3), Fast Lover, Candyland, Ice Cream Man, Lover's Eyes (.mp3), Amazing Grace (instr. -.mp3), A Few Simple Wordsm, Turpentine Blues, Mellow Money, Here and Gone, Love Her with a Feeling, Trail of the Goddess


Free Eats! (1993): 12 songs. Some acoustic, some electric, small band arrangements. Steve plays acoustic, electric, and slide guitar, with added bass, drums, occasional sax or clarinet. Mostly blues-based, with a couple "world music" influences on a couple of songs. 

Album tracks: Thru the Motions, Feel No Pain, All Around My House, New John Henry, Brownsville, 3 Scenes From Movie, Tumbling on the Bricks, Tears and Laughter (instr.), Steve's Blue Condition, G.I. Joe, Crying Won't Help You, Sweet to Me


WHOA! That's a'Plenty (1991): 10 songs. Rare! Mostly acoustic, Steve's guitars and voice with small band arrangements. Wide variety of folk styles with elements of blues, ragtime, Latin, Caribbean, jazz, African, country, & rock. All styles filtered through Steve's unique songwriting sensibilities.

Album tracks: When the Toaster Breaks, Waltzing with Mr. B, Rules, Brown River, You're Prettier When You Smile, God Bless Your Suburbs, House of Love, Tonto del Carribe, Recline, Suzanne