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http://www.cdbaby.com/jumpinjuba To order our CDs, Bumpity Bump, or Slap Happy
(Slap Happy is available on CD Baby as a download only, but WE have compact discs for sale- just contact us for details)

http://www.reverbnation.com/jumpinjuba  Jumpin' Juba's page on the Reverb Nation web site-- listen to full cuts streaming


Jumpin' Juba on YouTube:

live performances of several tunes, click on song title to view:

Funny Farm
I Hear You Knocking

Hawaiian War Chant
Jessie Mae


Thanks to Santo Wiryaman for his fine work filming these videos.


MORE brief, live performance video clips (single camera) :

I Want My Young Body Back

I’m In Love Again

Ice Cream Man

Back Door Blues

Bruce’s Boogie

Hallelujah I Love Her So

Suffering Blues

Love Her With a Feeling

Thru the Motions
Jamaica Farewell


Hear Jumpin' Juba's Bumpity Bump CD online at:  “Listen Free at Last.fm” http://www.last.fm/music/Jumpin%27+Juba/Bumpity+Bump

Weathergnome  A monthly Arts-Culture podcast featuring New England artists, writers, musicians, hosted by Gordon Forman,

who has also designed a few of my album covers, including Jumpin' Juba's latest, Slap Happy.  I am interviewed for his initial edition.  The 30-minute, freewheeling discussion touches upon many music-related topics, including several that have never been mentioned in previous interviews, or on this web site.

http://www.bluemondaymonthly.com This page covers the mid-western US blues scene, and rather well.  Juba's "Slap Happy" is featured in their CD reviews section (the exact location of the review shifts around within their web site, so you may have to search around their site a bit to find it. Currently, our review is located here: http://www.bluemondaymonthly.com/id49.html ) Scroll way down 9/10 of the page & look to the right

http://www.blueheartarchive.com/welcome.htm Eddy B has a fine photo gallery of blues greats, plus he keeps tabs on the North American blues scene.

http://www.bostonmusic.com/  I have a guitar teacher ad on this site somewhere-  yes I provide highly customized guitar lessons to people in my vicinity-- contact me with any inquiries / questions.

http://guitar.about.com/library/blchordlibrary.htm   Look up guitar chord diagrams on line at this site

http://www.livinblues.com/index1.asp  Another comprehensive blues site-- a little history, plus the current scene

http://www.calliope.org/blues/blues1.html A page dedicated to early blues women and the vaudeville or "classic" blues styles.

http://www.moblues.org/cd_rev2.htm  What's up with the blues in America's backyard? You should care! Go here to find news of the mid-west & national blues scene.  They review independent artists. How else are you gonna find out about 'em?


http://www.mphase.com/planetd2.htm Planet Dobro a comprehensive web site dedicated to various slide guitar styles and artists, mostly the more famous ones.

http://www.hut.fi/~khagelbe/rory.html Rory Gallagher Home Page The late, great Irish blues-rocker who was such as influence on me during my teen years-a musical link between hard-edged rock and the acoustic styles I eventually pursued.

Chronology of Blues on Record: a timeline of important pre-WWII blues recordings-who made what title and when. If you're researching blues beginnings, this site is a primer for who to listen at. If you care, check out the "Top 20 Blues" feature, which offers my list of the best early blues.